Magic of Christophe


About Christophe

Chris Farquhar has been a professional magician for more than 20 years and has performed for audiences all over Canada. He was born Sudbury and raised in North Bay Ontario from the age of 3. Chris began performing magic shows at the age of twelve, beginning with testing magic tricks out on his parents and four brothers, soon moving on to birthday parties and working his way up to weddings, malls, schools, cruise ships, hospitals and company functions.

One person that assisted Chris in learning the art of magic was an incredible man that had an unmatched passion for the art. He was a great friend to Chris and is missed very much. His name is Mr. Ray Bedard and performed under the name the “Great Gilbini” in the late 1950's. Throughout the years, Ray continued to inspire and amaze audiences all over.

At the age of fifteen, Chris was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to perform a show for the daughter of movie star, Dan Aykroyd! Coincidentally, this was around the same time that Chris decided that he wanted to have a career in magic and acting. A few years ago, Chris decided to create a family oriented stage illusion show and tour it across the country. The show was very well received and was a terrific experience for the magician. Shortly after, Chris decided to focus on a career in film/television acting. Having recently lived in Toronto and Vancouver and shot numerous national television commercials, Chris has recently moved back to North Bay with his incredibly supporting wife and their 3 children.

When he's not acting and spending time with his family, Chris is exploring new magic tricks and developing exciting, new routines.